Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to make a Bootable Flash Drive?

Windows XP can be installed from a USB key.This may be required if the optical drive is not working on the PC or if the user has a netbook. Windows XP can be booted from a USB flash drive. For this, a bootable USB key must be created. This process requires certain requirements like a USB key with a capacity of 1 or 2 GB, an official CD of the Windows OS and also you need a PowerISO software.  Additionally, the key must be fast to avoid interruptions during the installation procedure and most importantly the configuration of the system must accept the boot on the USB key.

Being able to boot Windows from a USB memory stick can be very useful, especially if using Netbook or a PC that does not have a CD/DVD drive.


A USB key (capacity: 1 or 2 GB)
A Windows XP CD (official version)
A PC with a CD player and a USB key
The PowerISO software : Download it here!

Once downloaded, run the installation software and follow the installation wizard. At the end of the installation, the software will launch.

Making  Bootable USB for Windows

Launch PowerISO

Click on Tools, then click Create Bootable USB Drive

And the pop-up windows will come up, like this!
Search for your Source Image of Windows
Then hit start, and wait until it finish!

And that all you already done it!.hope this tutorial helps you all!

Update :

You can use WinToFlash, it's simpler and easier, you can download it here!

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