Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Recover Deleted File using Shift + Delete keys?

What do I say about this? Shall we say we frequently delete files from our laptop or PC, which are unimportant or unwanted or sometimes even accidentally delete some of them. But later, these files seem important and we need them back, and the question is how do I recover this file that I've been delete.

That was such a wonderful question, recovering it is not impossible for some technical experts, I gonna say I'm not that a technical expert but I just want to share this knowledge I know on how to recover your deleted file. But before we proceed to the step on how to recover it let us know on what is the different between DELETE files and SHIFT+DELETE files.

Difference between DELETE files and SHIFT+DELETE files

Everyone or just like others they are just using "Delete" key to delete a file,by selecting delete option from the menu that appears with the right click of the mouse. When you delete files using these choices, it gets stored in the recycle bin and hence can be restored to the desired location if required later on. Another way of deleting file is by using "Shift + Delete" keys. When you make use of this method, the file does not get stored in the recycle bin as it bypasses it.

What Happen when you use SHIFT+DELETE key to erase a files?

I think that you already know that if you use Delete key to erase a file, that file is stored in recycle bin, but deleted using "Shift + Delete" keys, as it bypasses it. The question is Are that files permanently erased from the hard drive?
Here is the answer, A big big NO, it is not permanently erase. When you use "Shift + delete" key to remove the file, all the entries regarding the file is deleted from the file directory indicating the space as free memory space where new data can be written, but the file is still not erased permanently. Rather it is present in the hard drive itself until it is overwritten.

How to recover file that is deleted using "Shift + Delete"keys?

And the last question is that you read above, Since, the file that is deleted using "Shift + Delete" key does not have any entry in the file directory. Therefore, the file is present in the hard drive as raw data and requires a high-quality recovery tool.

I myself, I highly recommended to use this recovery tool, to recover your deleted file.
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