Freehostia offers a fully featured free web hosting plan and low-cost paid hosting plans. FreeHostia's free web hosting plan can accommodate personal websites, small community portals, forums, blogs, content management systems, online shops and corporate websites. There are no forced ads. Each of our web hosting packages allows you to host multiple domains in a single account. All web hosting plans come with 30-day money-back and 99.9% server uptime guarantees; and an automated, 1-click, 40+ popular free PHP scripts installation tool (blog, forum, cms, album, e-commerce, etc).

Freehostia's load-balanced cluster platform is up to 15 times faster than the widespread one-server hosting platform solution. Furthermore, all our web hosting plans are optimized to work with the most popular PHP web hosting applications: Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, OsCommerce, as well as with more than 30 other free scripts offered by Elefante Installer.

What FreeHostia Say's :

There are many reasons why you should create a websitefor yourself, for your family, company, or for a given cause, and as many reasons why you should choose Freehostia to be your hosting provider.
1. Experience in offering web hosting services
Freehostia has been among the most preferred providers on the free hosting scene for more than 5 years now. Our experience and skills accumulated throughout this period allowed us to create a web hosting platform of our own making, offering an intuitive user-friendly control panel, an inbuilt 1-click free PHP scripts installer, and last but definitely not least, a unique load balancing cluster technique, allowing each of our users to enjoy the quality, security and stability of our web hosting services.
2. A Complete Answer to Your Online Needs
Freehostia is a leading web hosting provider. Each of our plans is a full-featured web hosting solution in its own right. No matter what plan you’ve chosen you have the possibility to build your successful online presence quickly, easily and above all – free of charge. Each of the offered hosting packages targets a given group of users and can be upgraded to another package. The quality of all the services offered by Freehostia is guaranteed by our tomorrow’s cluster technology, ultra fast and reliable servers, state-of-the-art data center, and dedicated24x7 technical web hosting support.
3. An Extremely Low-Cost Solution
Among the most important factors in choosing a hosting package by all means is the proportion between price and quality. Many companies offer one or two plans at preferential prices. However, professional solutions are available at high, unacceptable prices, as a whole. Freehostia is a web hosting provider offering both personal and business solutions. Our long experience in this niche has thought us to understand our clients better. Knowing how hard it is for a brand new website to start working and remain online, we’ve created our platform in such a way that everyone can create, manage and develop their own website free of charge. Of course, as soon as that same site grows in popularity and the need for more resources increases, the respective hosting plan can be upgraded to another, more powerful one. In addition to our unique approach, we also offer a set of professional marketing tools, a40+ free scripts installer, a user-friendly control panel, and more, free of charge.
4. Full-Time Involvement with the Online Demands of the Customers
Because we’d like to meet the demands of all our clients, our Customer Care Department works 24x7. Within 1 hour (not valid for the clients of the Chocolate plan) a qualified specialist of ours will get back to you with an answer to any of your questions connected with the services offered by Freehostia.
5. High Speed Server Network
Freehostia is one of the few web hosting providers to have built their own cluster platform. To ensure the fast, stable and secure work of our servers, we’ve given our trust to Peer 1’sstate-of-the-art data center offering network capacity of 2.5 Gigs of Internet connectivity, as well as 100% network uptime.
6. Load Balancing Cluster Technology that Guarantees Maximum Online Stability
Freehostia’s long experience in the sphere of the web hosting technologies has led to the creation of a load balancing cluster hosting platform (up to 15 times faster than the widespread one-server hosting platforms), thanks to which our last generation super powerful Quad-Core servers distribute the load generated by the different hosting services between each other. In order to provide higher productivity, stability and quality, our platform has been optimized to work with the most popular web hosting applications: JoomlaWordPressphpBB,OsCommerce, as well as with more than 30 other free scripts offered by Elefante Installer.
7. Multi-Lingual Control Panel of Our Own Making and Design
Freehostia’s multi-lingual Web Hosting Control Panel is an incessantly developing product. Our services are equally accessible to all users in the world because our Control Panel supports more than 15 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), but their number is expected to keep growing.
8. Useful Features Free of Charge
Our web hosting services involve not only web space, traffic and domain name options, but also many free additional bonuses that come with each web hosting package:
9. Multiple Web Site and Domain Name Hosting
Each of the hosting packages offered by Freehostia allows you to host more than one domain in a single account. What’s more, with our hosting plans you can host simultaneously several websites at the price of one – something, which is seldom offered by other hosting companies, and which will help you reduce your web hosting expenses.
10. One year fully featured FREE trial
We have a fully featured free web hosting trial (Chocolate hosting plans) – you can evaluate our service without spending a dime. Moreover, you can use your free account for as long as you want without any charge, and also you can upgrade it to a more advanced package with a single mouse click.
11. Undisputed 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Freehostia’s packages include a 30-day money-back-guarantee because we take into account the potential cases of purchasing a given product that later turns out to have failed to live up to the initial expectations of the customer. In the event of some mismatch between our services and your needs, you are free to request your investment back within one month after the sign-up date.

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