Monday, June 3, 2013

Using 3 Social Media Site to Increase Traffic to you Website

Are you always thinking on how to Drive more Traffic to your +website,blog or into your articles online? I know that this is not easy I myself prove this. On internet today many software,application etc. that telling they can drive more traffic to your site fast, but eventually there not. I try searching online on how to increase traffic to my site, i read some articles online, I read and read. But i discover when I try using this three (3) social media site I see with my two eyes that it increase the traffic of my site. That's why until now I still using this three social media site. And now I tell you what is this social media site.

1. Facebook

*We all know that facebook is really world widely site and we all know that many people online using this social media site. Facebook has many use like other's, they use facebook to communicate there family,friends,classmates etc. that is far from them. As for me i use facebook to communicate with family and friends, and for now I also use this to drive traffic to my content. And its really help for me, likewise if your monetizing your blog or website its really helpful.

2. Twitter

*Twitter is also a social media, right?. On my first time using this I think that twitter is only for celebrity or rich people, but after that I still continue using this. I followed some people online using this site and other followed me too. After one day I thinking that, what if I use my twitter to drive traffic to my site? Then I try and after several days I saw that its working it increase the traffic of my site. Until now I still using this one.

3. BIT.LY 

*I think this site is not a social media. Is this a social media site? he-he! But I just include because its really really awesome site. This site really helps me to drive traffic to my content, and I really thankful that I see this site online. Try using this site and you will prove to yourself that what i written in this article is true.

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