Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to make your Blog Searchable

1. Work on Your Timing

When possible, your blog posts should be published and initially shared at the most optimum time possible. There are studies which you can review that provide aggregate activity levels for the major social networks, but the only way you can know for sure when your followers are most active is by monitoring your social media activity.

2. Invest Time in Your Headlines

Nothing is more important than the headline of your post. Often, that is the only part of your post that is seen or read.

3. Provide Social Sharing Buttons

This should go without saying, and yet I still see countless business blogs that are not providing readers with easy to use buttons for social sharing.

4. Ask Readers to Share

Statistics have shown that adding Please RT to your tweets will increase the number of retweets you receive dramatically. Using Please ReTweet is even more effective. The psychology here is relatively simple. People will often do what they're asked if it's simple enough. On Twitter, clicking a retweet button takes just seconds and so your followers don't mind doing it for you.

5. Share First

Finally, it's very important that you reciprocate likes and shares, as your readers and other bloggers will appreciate it and be more motivated to continue to support you. Similarly, if you are active on other blog sites and are Liking and Sharing their content, those writers will be more willing to +1 and tweet your posts.

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