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Asus Zenfone 2 Reviews

First Impression - Asus Zenfone 2

The most headline-grabbing smartphone coming on from Asus at CES 2015 may be the optical zoom-sporting ZenFone Zoom, but the ZenFone 2 is moreover every portion of worthy of attention thanks to a sealed feature set and low asking price of just $200. But what I can say is that this 5.5in phone looks incredibly stirring up shut, and I look forward to expenditure some duration with it in the coming duration - not least because I'm in the place of traffic entrepĆ£´t for a phablet-mode of expression phone myself.

So, what's new? First is the clear sum total of ferocious animal-strength competency on display. Why be easy in mind, Asus unwavering, with a 2.3GHz Monad processor when you can participant it with 4GB of RAM? It's no amazement that this phone makes mincemeat of Android 5 (Sugar-plum)

Design - Asus Zenfone 2

The first win for Asus is the ZenFone 2s design. Its easy pleasurable  a gentle curved soft be adjoining plastic serve and instead fairly square move  but the proportions just see right and the other of finishes is excellent. We particularly gone the Illusion and Transfusion series of backs that sport a variety of textured finishes.

The size and shape of the device is innocent too. Although the curved foster makes this a not particularly skinny phone it does make it a enjoyable one to desist, and despite a 5.5in display its not too unwieldy.

Software Review - Asus Zenfone 2

And that's another thing that's new. This is the first excursion for the updated Asus ZenUI, which builds upon Android 5 with a few features of its own. There's SnapView, which promises to keep retired files detach from operate files.

Taking a cue from Windows Phone, there's also a kids-only circle, while ZenMotion adds shore up for a few strike against gestures. Jar it, for example, and an email will be closed and saved for later.

What's correct about ZenUI is that it isn't oppressive: most of the duration this should have feeling like you're using a fair Android phone. Asus is also giving ground of hope "ZenUI Urgent Updates" to keep apps up to era, but we're yet to see how lengthy the lag is between an OS update and Asus following suite.

The defense, as you should await from a flagship phone, looks very extraordinary. It's a Replete HD IPS unfold, and my actual observation suggests that Asus's engagement of a 178-step broad viewing difference of direction is actual.

Camera Review - Asus Zenfone 2

Take a look also, of the camera on the back. It boasts a separation of 13 megapixels and an hole of f/2.0, but the really entertaining part is the low-medium of vision fashion, which I saw in spontaneous process during the hurl introduction. It promises "400% brighter photos at darkness" without a glare. There's also a dual-colour Absolute Sound glare to bestow your subjects a warmer derm sound, rather than that wintry look that's all too for the use of all with other smartphone cameras.

If photos are a absolute precedence, though, then you may want to wait until the summer and the arrival of the other phone Asus announced: the ZenFone Zoom. This includes a 3x optical zoom, like to the Samsung Milky way Camera 2, but in a much slimmer chassis.

Best Features - Asus Zenfone 2

The act that its 4GB of RAM is really the headline lineament of this phone says it all about its spec register. However, if ever a phone were more than the sum of its powers, this may be it, as we’ll deliberate more later.

Joining that RAM is an Intel Indivisible particle Z3580 processor with PowerVR G6430 graphics, or for the cheaper type it uses the Intel Indivisible particle Z3560 with 2GB of RAM. This powers along a 5.5in 1080p IPS open that in the muscle and fat looks very touching. It’s trenchant, colorful and with beneficial viewing angles. Also packed inside are 150Mbps 4G connections and Wi-Fi 802.11ac for fast wireless transfers. Connectivity philosophical you've got just the pennon headphone jack up top and microUSB on the base cutting side.

The ZenFone 2 is reasonably well stocked when it comes to cameras. The brow-facing one is a agreeable to reason 5MP while the background packs in 13MP. We’re pleased to see the adding of a dual-sound sudden burst of light too, as we've found that lineament to really act for creating better looking sudden burst of light photos.

Where this all comes together is the pricing of this handset. These specs may not be rank or order ruling, but they’re very beneficial for a phone that starts at $200 – that’ll be for the interpretation with the lower processor make haste.

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Windows Error And Recovery | Eliminate Windows Errors And Make Your Computer Faster

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It is a non-destructive Hard Drive Recovery Software built with powerful technology and embedded with suitable options. Security Accounts Manager or SAM is a Windows registry component stored as a database to store users' passwords in hashed format. Apart from such security breaches, if the file goes missing or get corrupt, your Windows system gives some errors while system boot-up. The time that your computer takes to boot up might decrease, if there was an error in the boot setup. To resolve such problems, you might need to reinstall the operating system and consequently, restore data from backup. The speed of the computer will increase and those troublesome error reports and messages will stop popping up. 

You can use such tools in all logical data loss scenarios. This you can do even without downloading and paying for software. Cause You encounter this error if SAM file is missing or corrupted damaged. The computer, as a result, starts flashing error reports every time you switch it on or when you try to load a certain program. You will notice a marked improvement in speed while working on your computer. Data restoration issues are observed if you don't have any valid data backup. 

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Error Status: 0xc0000001. These applications or software can easily fix the registry of your Windows operating system and will make the computer run as if it were new. Its working speed also drastically slows down. Please click OK to shut down this system and reboot into Safe Mode, check event log for more detailed information.The above error is typically observed with a Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional based computer system. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a fully-featured and advanced recovery solution to recover lost missing deleted data for Windows 7 RC1, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. If you want your computer to run smoothly, you should be clever and learn how to fix Windows error codes. 

Also, if your computer is in a habit of hanging, that too will be resolved. Other applications will scan all your registries in the operating system, locate the errors or the corrupted files and fix Windows error codes. Earlier, there were very few options but a nowadays anybody can simply download repairing tools from the internet. To fix Windows error codes manually, you'd need to study and understand the software and programming languages. What Errors When we speak about Windows errors, we do not mean errors as a result of viruses or drive corruption. Thus, you should use Hard Drive Recovery tools to effectively recover data thus lost. 

The application provides advanced features, such as Drive Status, Disk Cloning, Disk Imaging and more.Windows operating system is very popular but is also prone to a lot of errors. These applications can be bought at a nominal price and you can use them repeatedly on as many computers as you want. The computer will no longer frustrate you, refusing to open simple files and continuously hanging when you open more than one program. If the file gets deleted somehow, the odds are attacker can log into your system account. However, if you try to start the computer in Windows safe mode, you get the same error as above. 

Also, be cautious of the security aspect of some of these sites and applications, as they may be malicious or phishing sites.. Removal of all these errors without any fancy tech support will make working on the computer a more satisfying experience. Solution In order to solve such SAM issues, you need to replace the file or restore it from a backup. Some of these applications do not fix Windows error codes but simply compress files and clean up your hard disk. Hard Drive Recovery utilities are graphically rich applications that incorporate high-end scanning algorithms to examine a logically crashed drive. Programs and folders will open quickly and not take much time like before fixing errors. Consider that you use Windows XP system and when you try to start the system, it gives the following error message:Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning. 

This is a field best left to tech geeks and the like. You can do this only if you have used a backup utility that could backup system state.Copy SAM file from C:WINDOWSrepair to C:WINDOWSsystem32configReinstall Windows and restore data from backup.If no clean backup exists, you need to use Hard Drive Recovery Software that are fully-featured data recovery applications designed to perform safe and effective recovery of all the lost data. Whenever you feel that your computer is slowing down, you can reuse the software. Since, almost all of us have at one point of time or other used Windows, we all know that after a certain period of time the operating system develops glitches that affect the overall functioning of the computer. When you use such software to fix Windows error codes, it automatically affects the overall running of the computer in a positive way. About The Application Although you will find many applications and software that guarantee improved computer speed, not all of them will give desired results. The errors that are repairable by these applications are Windows registry errors

Now guy's its all your turn let me know if I got something to tell or any suggestion about this article I'm glad and happy to hear that from all of you. I'll be waiting for some suggestion. Let me hear your voices.

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Sharing my Thought about Blogging "Doing what you Love"

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More than the course of my life, I've embraced a enumerate of different hobbies: basketball, video games, Photo Editing, art,Photography, just to name a few. But none of them have changed when one day my dear companion told me about blogging my life or brought me as much gratification as blogging. In almost too many ways to enumerate, it has changed me and the way I have being my life.

In occurrence, so much, it has become a garran I regularly approve to others. I started blogging as a special utensil to daily register the changes we were construction as we began minimizing our property. But somewhere along the stripe, it became less about me hand the history and more about the history changing me.

And while there are many articles written about why you should blog to expand your walk of life or become an adroit or make a whole protuberance of money—the best recommendations are still found in the special realization that blogging changes you.

At its inner part, writing or blogging is giving. It is about recording thoughts on document and compelling others to unite with them. To that end, writing improves with frequent repetition. Blogging will not might you to become a better writer, it's just occur as you do it. And becoming a better writer or a blogger holds serious benefits for the quiet of your life—whether you are creating a volume, a introduction, or an yearly card for your consort.

By unavoidable, blogging requires a pass through a strainer or filter. It’s sincerely not possible to describe about every incident, every thinking, and every happening in your life. Instead, blogging is a never-ending course of choosing to formed with joints the most meaningful events and the most important thoughts in your life. This course of alternative helps you evolve an eye for meaningful things. And remember that sometimes the most meaningful things appear in the most mundane—but you’ll see what I mean once you get started.

Blogging/Writing introduces yourself to the nature. It causes you to formed with joints the life you be alive and the worldview behind the decisions that you make. Whether you have 1 reader or a million, the blogging continued movement opens up your life to those on the outside. It is a useful appliance in human-subsistence to be known by others. More than duration, you’ll communicate more and more of yourself to the outside world, and you’ll be excited to fall in love upon a nature that relates to you and will enjoy everyday of your life by doing it.

As for me Blogging is Loving there are times that you will success and there's also a down time.
Be in be love of with life…experience it all…the newness and the penalty.  There’s something supernatural about blogging of for life that brings all we want and need.
Free your heart as there you can write a better and meaningful blog. Align yourself completely with your uniqueness your needs, dreams, and desires on or what topic you want and therefore you can do it beautifully.

Start doing now that you love about writing, start blogging today and will see what you can do, See you guy's in blogging world.
If you found that there's an helpful tips please don't hesitate to share this with your friends.

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How to use CMD "Command Promt"

Not everyone know about what command prompt really is?, and what is the use of command
prompt(cmd). Now i will show you the use of command prompt, and i will teach you on how to delete viruses and malware using command prompt(cmd). First i will show you what is command prompt?

Command Prompt, What is this?

Command Prompt is a command line interpreter application available in most Windows operating systems.Command Prompt is officially called Windows Command Processor but is also sometimes called the command shell or by its file name cmd.exe. It is also provides an entry point for typing MS‑DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) commands and other computer commands. The most important thing to know is that by typing commands, you can perform tasks on your computer without using the Windows graphical interface. Command prompt is use for some advanced users.

What’s the use of Command Prompt?

Command Prompt is used to execute and  entered commands without using the graphical interface of your Windows. Command Prompt is most and commonly used to execute a of batch files, it also performs an advanced administrative functions, and troubleshoot and solve certainly kinds of Windows problem.

Important commands in Command Prompt

To use Command Prompt, you must enter a valid command along with any optional parameters. Command Prompt then executes the command as entered and performs whatever task or function it’s designed to perform in Windows. Here some List of important commands in Command Prompt:

Ipconfig – This is a command use for seeing the ip address,subnet mask and default gateway also includes display and flush DNS cache, re-register the system name in DNS..  This will most useful tool for viewing and troubleshooting TCP/IP problem.

  • Ipconfig – Display the ip address, subnet mask and the default gateway.
  • Ipconfig/all – Display all the TCP/IP
  • Ipconfig/displaydns – Display the local DNS cache
  • Ipconfig/flushdns – Delete all the contents in local DNS cache
  • systeminfo – Display operating system configuration information for a local or remote machine, including service pack levels. It display the OS type, version, product ID, install date, boot time and hardware info (processor and memory).
  • tasklist and taskkill - This will show the list of task which are running, and the other step for this without using command prompt is ctrl+alt+del.
  • type -  Type is used to read the text document in command prompt .  You can read multiple text in continuously.
  • netstat – It provides valuable information of all connections and listening ports, including the executable used in the connections. It also display the Ethernet statistics, and resolve connecting host IP Addresses to a fully qualified domain name.
  • ping and tracert – This tools is use to check your network connectivity, Ping will test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network, while tracert (traceroute) is used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network.
  • netsh – The powerful tool in command prompt, it is use for configuring and monitoring Windows computers from the command prompt. The capabilities of it are:

Configure interfaces
Configure filters
Configure routes
Configure remote access behavior for Windows-based remote access routers that are running the Routing and Remote Access Server (RRAS) Service
Display the configuration of a currently running router on any computer

As you can see netsh can do a lot. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, check out the following in  Microsoft article for more information  about  netsh.

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